Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Omni Night: Broccoli Chowder and Salade Nicoise

Probably the best part about not having built up readership on my blog is that I don't have to explain a months-long absence. Onward!

I've been doing this thing that I (secretly and with some embarrassment) call "Omni Night" in my head, which is the exact opposite of what it sounds like. The set up that makes this possible works like this: I live in a house with six people. This works out so each person can cook one night a week, with one night for leftovers or eating out or whatever else. We have a cute sign up sheet on the fridge and everything! (Not pictured, it's actually pretty boring.)

Like a lot of vegans, my house is full of not-vegan people. Often, this means that we eat separate meals, which is all well and good, but I like the chance to cook for a group once in a while. Lately I've been cooking for everyone once a week or so, and it's gone over pretty well. Avocado/roommate also cooks once a week, so between the two of us we manage to get two vegetarian/usually vegan meals on the table every week. My brother (known as Stringbean for blogging purposes) usually makes something with vegan components, too. It's nice! This week, I decided to go all out and made two dishes from Appetite for Reduction: Goddess Nicoise Salad and Bistro Broccoli Chowder, with some really good ciabatta.

'Twas a hit with the nonvegan folk (with the exception of as-yet un-nicknamed football-playing brother, who thinks "cold green beans are weird." Bah, say I!)

And yes, that is a Beatles mug full of soup that you spy.

Also, a note for the readers I don't have (yet!): we've signed up for a CSA share this summer, and Avocado and I planted a garden! We have no idea what we're doing yet so you don't get pictures until there's some indicator that at least some of our plants are going to thrive--it'd be no fun reading about my sad not-surviving garden, would it? Anyway, point is, blog is back, and with something interesting to blog about! Stay tuned, yo.

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