Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vegan Mofo, Day 13: Soup, A-Soup, A Tasty Soup, A-Soup

    Well Mofo-ers...I'm sick. But unless I'm running a fever or too dizzy to stand, I'm one of those annoying people who waits until a day off and tries to power on through everything they have to do instead of just taking it easy when they notice they're coming down with something. This week, that involved making soup. A lot of it. Which is fitting, because that's all I'll be willing to eat for the next few days anyway.
    First up was the Arabian Lentil and Rice soup from Appetite for Reduction, which is a favorite under-the-weather soup for me. It's super lemony and garlicky and just all-around comforting. This I froze a few servings of for later on. Additionally: cute Halloween-themed ramekins are my new favorite thing. They were like $0.60 each, even.

    Second: split pea soup, which I was a dolt and didn't photograph. It's ugly anyway, and I kind of made it up on the fly based on the recipe on the back of the bag of peas. I split that up with someone and finished my half within two days, it was so yummy.  I brought it with me to school today (Thermos brand food jar, which kept it warm for a good four hours) with a bento of grilled asparagus, crackers, soy yogurt, mango and strawberries.

    And since, like I mentioned, I feel the need to be a hero and keep on working until I fall down, there's a third soup planned for tomorrow. An interesting soup, I think, since it's something I've never had. Stay tuned.

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